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Hope Is Where the Heart Is

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SHE IS HOPE LA is a nonprofit organization providing emotional, physical, and financial tools and services to help guide single mothers through every aspect of supporting themselves and their child/children.


SHE IS HOPE LA stands for Single Moms, Housing & Empowerment Inspiring Self-Confidence through

Hope, Opportunity, Perseverance & Education Los Angeles.


Because a majority of single mothers are usually left with little or no credit, money, or support, SHE IS HOPE LA bridges the gap that currently exists over poverty and gives them new hope, a new direction, and a new purpose.   

The world is beginning to understand the societal need to uplift mothers and children. Many Angelenos are coming together on a mission to uplift the lives of single mothers in L.A., empowering and providing education to more mothers so single families can thrive in our city.



SHE IS HOPE LA provides emotional, physical, and financial tools and services to help guide single mothers through every aspect of supporting themselves and their child/children.  

We provide access to resources and work toward solving basic needs like affordable, temporary housing, and child care. We offer job preparation during a single mother's transition back into the workforce.


The SHE IS Series Development Program is a 12-week free curriculum for all single mothers that includes legal and financial advice, job training, mind-body wellness, and peer support. The program is offered twice a year with expert speakers.

We offer volunteer hours and job training opportunities for single moms and kids available at our boutique located at the SHE IS HOPE Realty Office in Encino.


Our mission at SHE IS HOPE LA is to educate and empower single mothers starting over in the workplace and provide affordable, transitional housing and childcare.  

GLAMOUR & HOPE: Fashion for a Cause Fundraiser Event
Apr 23, 12:00 PM PDT
Los Angeles
Where Style meets Purpose! An afternoon of fashion, beauty, and entertainment for a cause - join us at Glamour & Hope: Fashion for a Cause Fundraiser Event on April 23rd! Buy your tickets today and help us empower single mothers in Los Angeles. See you there! 💕💋

Tisha Janigian scraped by with her wits, and learned how to thrive as a new single mom in L.A. when she got divorced in 2012 and now heads her vision for this nonprofit for single mothers.



Things were far from perfect when I was married, but I told myself I had taken the vow and had to make it work, plus I didn't want to be a burden on my folks if I left. When my two sons were born, both had a lot of health issues and had to endure many surgeries, which put even more stress on the relationship. I left my ex-husband several times, beginning when my second son was six months old. When I finally mustered the strength to leave once and for all, my boys and I started our lives over with three suitcases as everything we had was in a storage unit in another state. I had no money, credit, or assets, so it was extremely difficult to find an apartment that would rent to me, even with my Father as a co-signer. Section 8 Housing had an extremely long waiting list as well. 

I realized that I couldn't afford before and after-school childcare, so I started to look for a part-time job. Unfortunately, most companies wouldn't even interview me. They told me that I was overqualified because I have a Bachelor's Degree and thought I wouldn't stay long. When I finally did get hired for a few hours a week, my food stamp benefits went down to almost nothing. I realized then that the system was broken, and it perpetuates people to stay on it. 

The problem was that I wasn't making enough money to cover the utilities even with a low-income discount, so I participated in focus groups and looked for free things on Craig's List and Freecycle to resell. Growing up back East and working with my folks in the antique business, I had a knack for this sort of thing. Because I shared what was going on with old and new friends, they offered me a hand up versus a handout and gave me side jobs that included babysitting and pet sitting. Without these side hustles, I wouldn't have had enough to cover utilities, food, and gas. The work and child support I was receiving put me in the gap above poverty, where little assistance was available. 

My luck changed when I got promoted six months after I started a part-time job. Looking back, I wouldn't change a thing because I have two amazing sons who are my world.  After experiencing all of these challenges firsthand and speaking to so many other single moms and moms in bad relationships with similar experiences, it made me realize that I had to do something about it!  


My personal experience and the challenges single moms face were my inspiration for creating SHE IS HOPE LA!

Tisha Janigian

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Image by Artem Kniaz


Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve the lives of single mom families. Your generous donation will fund our mission.



We created a space where single mothers, our sponsors, and supporters can connect, share their experiences and support each other.


Our MEMBER PORTAL includes:


• Members Area where you can create your own profile, view member profiles, and follow and message other members.

• Community Bulletin Board to post jobs wanted or needed, items for sale or for free, needing advice, tips, or help.

• Discussion Groups to chat with other members, post topics, ask questions, and share your stories.

• An Event Calendar to find out about upcoming events and activities


We hope you’ll join us in our MEMBER PORTAL and help make a difference in the lives of single mothers. Together, we can create a brighter future for those in our community.


"I met Tisha through school, our kids were together. We immediately clicked and found many things in common. Since we both were single moms and you know the hardships that we were going through, she was always there to help me with my son when I was working and vice versa. I'm so happy I met her ❤️"

- Linda Kasian

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