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 "We have an incredible group of people assisting us and the numbers keep growing. I'm grateful to have so much support. I wanted to acknowledge those who have been involved and highlight all those who see the need for helping single moms and their children. Thank you!"

Tisha Janigian

Tisha Headshot IMG_3543 web-0002.jpeg
President, Founder

Tisha is a single mother of 2 boys and an entrepreneur with 30+ years of sales experience. She got divorced in 2012 and realized then that the system was broken and decided to do something about it when she got back on her feet.


Tisha is the Owner and Broker of SHE IS HOPE Realty, where a percentage of all transactions will go back to the nonprofit, and she and her team will strive to help find affordable housing for the single mothers in the program. She is originally from the Boston area and has a passion for giving back and volunteering. 

KarenHeadshotSaatchi01DSC_4243 web.jpeg
Vice President

Wren is the owner of Sarrow Design and She is a Visual Artist, Gallery Manager, and Independent Curator. Wren has a passion for helping others and volunteering.

Ilene MG_1457 2.jpeg

 Illene is currently in a retail sales management position and has a very entrepreneurial spirit. She managed her family business for 26 years and loves to help children and adults with special challenges. Her passion is for volunteering and helping underprivileged women and children, animals, mentally ill and sick children.  

JS headshot with tie v2.jpeg
Development Officer

Jonathan lives in Los Angeles with his wife Wren and their two sons; in addition to his current work in the media industry, Jonathan is an executive producer and Co-founder of 


In his spare time he enjoys spending time with his family, reading, playing guitar, volunteering and giving back, debating current events and writing. 

Copy of Gwen Osborne Headshot.jpg
Wellness Director

A mother, actor, speaker, Founder and CEO of Lomolique Beauty product whose commitment to the craft transcends the same passion to other areas in her life by speaking about women’s wellness, creating self-care products, and sharing inspiring stories on her podcast! 

F16F9AF1-C47A-4623-8CE3-EFCE10F80FB0 (1).jpeg

Christine is a Strategy Officer, a Global Negotiation Strategist and the CEO & Founder of Venn Negotiation. Christine McKay has 27 years of experience negotiating with hundreds of companies across 53 countries, including entrepreneurs, small businesses, and Fortune 500 companies. Formerly homeless, on welfare for over eight (8) years, and a single mom, Christine ultimately earned her MBA from Harvard University. She loves spending time with her husband of 27 years, hiking/camping, writing, and riding motorcycles.


Julieanne O’Connor is an Award-winning Author, Actor, TEDx Speaker, and has been named “Best New Author” by Amazon. O’Connor is a Certified Corporate Trainer and Coach who is on the faculty of 4M Institute for Dentists and the Director of ZLinked Marketing & Advertising. O’Connor helps high-achieving CEOs and Dentists to leverage their influence because they are often overworked and overwhelmed. O’Connor helps her clients to take back their quality of life and grow in fast-paced environments, without burning out. The focus is on strategic planning, implementation, and leveraging influence.

O’Connor has been named “Speaker of the Year” and has been featured on Adweek, Adage, WSJ, CNN, USA Today, to name a few, and has worked with and/or helped launch some of the most well-known brands in America. O’Connor is the star of the hugely viral Super Bowl commercial Pug Attack and the founder of the SIO Dream Fund.

tiffany phillips 2022 headshot.jpeg

Tiffany is a highly accomplished, multi-talented, multi-hyphenated actress, producer, singer, comedian, and content creator who began her career in the New York Theatre.  Aside from her TV/Film credits, Tiffany was the lead background vocalist for Michael Bolton’s world tour, and also wrote and starred in her smash hit, critically acclaimed one-woman play “I Never Met a Jerk I Didn’t Like".  Currently; her top-rated podcast “Self Deprecated with Tiffany Phillips” can be heard on all podcast platforms, and the award-winning comedy web series “Ethnically Ambiguous” can be seen on Youtube.   


Tiffany is on a mission to help other women rediscover and reclaim their power by owning their truth. Her soon-to-be-released book “Own IT- No Approval Needed” is an unabashed manifesto on owning exactly who you are, where you are, right now by emancipating yourself from the stereotypes, labels, and misperceptions that have been put on us since birth. Especially as women. 


Lori Hutchison, Pamela Mozer, Linda Kasian, Melinda & Jon Mattox, Roberta Fay Hyman, Susan Scott, Jeannie Jones, Trish and Michelle Steele, Shirin Kasheri, Laetitia & Frankie Nelson, Veronika and Richard Monoson, Romane Cameron, Savannah Scott, Tamar & Varouj Asdourian, Tami Heidi, Stacia Burke, Kimmie Neff, Julieanne O'Connor, Tiffany Phillips, Carolee & Robert Rico, Sandy Chukhadarian, Lori Meltzer, Karine Hovsepian, Alexandra Swarens, Jewlya Samaniego, Brooke & Chris Catalfamo, Ruth Harshaw, Laurie & Wayne Urquhart Bianchi, Victoria Gillett, Heidi Lowry Grace Leos, Noosha Daha, Raykel Tolson, Angela Setters Bessard, Kari Weber, Emily Noro, Cindy Malone, Susie Goldberg, Steve Goldberg, Joan Leider, Gayane Khachatryan, Vanessa & Janet Frnzyan, Linda Morgan, Pamela Johnson, Consuella Mackey, Jennifer Hendrix, Catherine Maiella, Tammy Dugger, Kathy Ruoff, Parveen & Jeff Duncan, Karin Gottheiner, Karen Bardavid, DeAnna Dupree, Erika Dizon, Donna Long, Rosema Hermano, Mitzi Hansen, Angela Dalmau, Kris Dowd, Rofia Salamy, Sadegh & Simon Aref, Kimleigh Smith, Gwendolyn Osborne, Cali Gilbert, Randy Klinenberg, Odette Lionelli, Francesca Penzani, Greg Nairn, Nermine Zackary, Sarah D'Andrea, Brooke Summer Jones, David & Natalie Kennedy, Katherine Saltzberg, Lisa Platt, Rajika Mahan, Mirage Thrams, Mary Kennedy, Adam Gropman, Ro Dellgrazie, Dave Carter, Ashleigh Shapiro, Nicole Schubert, Joy Mamey, Elaine Chu, Sammy Glicker, Gracy Harryman, Chelsea Hogan, Christina Lopez-Hidalgo, Brendan Weinhold, Rebecca Bloom, Shane Taylor, Alicia Vigil, Kristin Cook, Rosa Sementelli, Liz Kitchell & Dawn Parks, Sally Bayram, Cigrid Zelaya, Moe Freeman, Michele Matheson, Suzan & Rouben Kojoian, Eden & David Folwell, Hedy Varga & Mark Findler, Michael Rodriguez, Michelle Jewsbury, Natalie Renn, Lorelei Shellist, Lori Hewitt, Erika & Hooman Ghaffari, Jaime Coffey-Bateman, Michelle Tomlinson, Priti Patel, Jennifer & Spencer Stout, Sena Turner, Jacqueline Aguilar, April, Biljana Milasin, Patti Pomposo, Lynn Nasca, Stevie Rose, Wendi McDowell, Terri Hatter, Vikki Lynn, Megan Miele, Yajaira Ocampo-Covarrubias, Michelle Tetrault, Laishan Ito, Suzanne & Eddie Gutierrez-Hedges, Regina & JP Targete, Harry Gasparian, Joe McCluskey, April Smith, Dana Badran & Tru Def and many more that have helped us make this happen!

Thank you!

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